About me

My Name is Karol Augustin and I am Linux Systems Engineer with over 10 years of experience solving problems with Networking, Storage, Software, and Hardware on Linux based systems.

I moved to Ireland in 2014 and I live in Gormanston, Co Meath where my Home and Lab are located.


Please keep in touch by email or on my Linkedin profile. You can also follow me on Twitter or message me on Reddit.

What is Karol's HomeLab?

HomeLab is an IT environment that hobbyists build with the purpose of developing skills and working on personal projects. As I often encounter problems that do not have straight-forward solutions available online I decided to create this website where I am planning to publish my opinions about technical challenges I face.

My personal HomeLab's purpose is to provide Network infrastructure in my house and I use it to expand my knowledge and technical skills. I created this website to publish solutions to common problems from a more technical perspective and to encourage myself to work on my writing and documentation capabilities.

The inspiration for the site name came from Reddit HomeLab Community.